Long before the advent of processed sugars like molasses, European bakers relied on honey to sweeten baked goods. In the 16th Century, the gingerbread bakers of Torun were famed for their use of the highest quality flour and honey, which derived their unique taste from the forests and fields located along the Vistula River. Their gingerbread was formed into wonderful figures using hand-carved molds like the ones we use today, for confections made with locally produced ingredients from the Boundary and Okanagan.

Spring into Summer
with the Saffron Guild

"Spring has sprung, the grass has rizz,
I wonder where the cookies is?"

We've got all your favourite spring and summer confections on the baking calendar, along with some tasty new delights. Check out our seasonal Confections catalogue and the latest collection of decorative artworks.

Peach City Beach Cruise - Penticton, BC
Friday & Saturday, Jun 21st & 22nd

The Saffron Guild is in high gear, getting ready for this year's Peach City Beach Cruise, one of B.C.'s best attended Rod, Antique & Classic Car shows. Enjoy the beautiful vintage autos along the Magic Mile on Lakeshore Drive, then head to Gyro Park, where we'll be offering a delicious array of confections and heritage papercasts, featuring our special collection of winery themed art. Coming into the park, you'll find us on the left-hand side. Vending hours: Friday 11:30 am to 6 pm; Saturday - 9 am to 6 pm.

Decorative Art

We also hand-craft papercasts from our historic baking molds. Painted with pigmented beeswax and 18k gold or silver gilding, you'll savour the old-world beauty long after the last cookie is gone.

See our Decorative Art catalog for more!
Wholesale link to Faire below.

Four Seasons of the Vintner
Papercast, 14.75" x 18.75"

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